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Alexander Calder

During this time, Calder fell under the spell of Leger, Duchamp, Arp, Klee, and Picasso. His greatest influence however was Miro who was a direct inspiration for many of the shapes that he used. Miro’s biomorphic motif survived in Calder's art until the end of his life.

Calder’s sculpture was the perfect marriage of abstraction and movement. Einstein once visited a Calder show and stood transfixed for forty minutes in front of a work called Universe. By 1937, Calder was thinking of making monumental public sculptures of his works. He refused to call his work art, "I call them objects, that way no one can come along and say, these aren’t sculptures, it washes my hands of having to define them."

In fact, he rarely talked about his art. He worked in many mediums; plaster, bronze, rugs, tapestries, commercial wallpaper, stage sets, book illustration, posters, prints, and jewelry. He would begin every day with a gouache painting.

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