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Alexander Calder

Calder asked Duchamp, "What should I call these things. " Duchamp replied, "Mobiles, " this was a French pun, which meant motive and motion. Jean Paul Sartre described the mobile as, " The mobile is a little private celebration, an object defined by its movement and having no other existence. A mobile does not suggest anything. It captures genuine living movements. Mobiles have no meaning, they are, that is all. "

In Calder's early years as an artist, it seems he was systematic in his approach to "composing motions." Later, having perfected his technical methods, he became ever more inventive with his moving sculpture.

The most engaging aspect of Calder's sculpture was its interaction with space. Mobiles participated in lively dialogues with their environs, reacting to air currents and human touch. The stabiles enfolded and incorporated spatial volume. As Calder put it: "I paint with shapes."

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